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  • Imagine a World without Police - Activity Sheet

    Inspired by our US tax day and current conversations about defunding the police, this printable activity sheet features a simple landscape with a big rainbow and the prompt: "Imagine a world that favors communal healing over punishment... How would that look and feel?  What can our collective wealth create?"

    Use this prompt to let your mind and creative energy run free! Write, color, and draw on this activity sheet whatever your Radical Heart desires. Save it for inspiration as you continue on your journey of actualizing your vision into our reality!


    This digital file is currently being offered for FREE as a gift to our Radical Hearts community. Upon completing check out, you will receive a link to download a high quality letter size (8.5 x 11 inches) PDF file of the featured design without the Radical Hearts watermark.

    You will also be sent an email with a link to download this file.

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