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    My name is Loretta and welcome to the Radical Hearts Print Lab! This one-woman shop* doubles as my creative exploration zone and is fueled by my passion for progressive community activism and the visual arts.

    Through Radical Hearts, I aim to provide unique bold designs for activists, community leaders, feminists and progressive individuals - basically anyone and everyone who is seeking inspirational sources of empowerment, like I had been throughout my own activist journey. 


    The wide variety of items I create aims to support radical causes, pay tribute to revolutionary trailblazers; and serve as beautiful daily reminders of our individual and collective power to ignite meaningful change - all while remaining inclusive and affordable for all.

    I originally started Radical Hearts Print Lab during the Spring of 2015. The idea was born out of a personal challenge to create a few pieces of wall art with inspiring messages that I could surround myself with as motivation to stay strong as I felt the overwhelming burden of various inequalities beginning to weigh heavily on me and my loved ones.

    But within the first few months of initially dabbling in this new project (which involved designing, printing and shipping my designs from the corner of my bedroom - and selling them internationally online!), I realized that I had uncovered a powerful platform that not only was personally rewarding but also enabled me to connect with and inspire others on their own journeys.

    Since then, Radical Hearts and I have grown into a budding small business on a mission - to provide that extra boost of empowerment so that we can each continue supporting the causes we believe in and fighting back against injustice!

    As they say "The Struggle is Real," but it doesn't mean we have to go it alone. During the Fall of 2016, Radical Hearts started in a new direction with the introduction of a new line of apparel and accessories. Check out the newest items here to find a special piece or two for you or to even share with a friend. Because, honestly? If we are going to create a world that we can be proud to pass along, we are going to need all the pretty positive reminders of our strength & determination that we can get! 

    One Love, 
    Loretta signature

    P.S. Still want to know more? Visit the FAQs page for more details about the shop and our products. And of course you can follow Radical Hearts for a behind the scenes peek into my world and to share photos of your gear with the growing Radical Hearts family via Instagram @RadicalHearts_

    * While this endeavor is technically still a "one-woman shop," it feels a bit like a lie to suggest I do this all by myself. Thanks to the ongoing support from my friends and family - and now we can add my new manufacturing partners to the list - I have been able to continue on this exciting adventure with the Print Lab! Thank you!