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  • Black Lives Matter Floral

    It's true - all lives matter. Unfortunately, we still live in a society that disproportionately abuses and devalues the lives of black people. I had hoped I wouldn't have to ever make this design. Black Lives Matter should be a given by now... but the Uprising during the Spring of 2020 in response to the murder of George Floyd in the hands of police has led me here. Black Lives Matter. Always.

    Not only when we are confronted with awful images of modern day lynchings. Black Lives Matter. Always.

    Not only when it is convenient or trending on social media. Black Lives Matter. Always.

    Black Women. Black Men. Black Trans Folks. Black Children. Black Elders. Black Queers. Black Disabled Folks. Black Sex Workers. Black Folks With A Substance Use Disorder. Black Folks Who Are or Have Been Incarcerated. Black Folks Who Are Just Trying To Get By. These People Matter. These Black Live Matter. Always. All Black Lives Matter. Always.

    This art features the phrase 'Black Lives Matter' intertwined with a colorful bouquet of flowers. The statement 'no one is free until we are all free' helps frame this design along the bottom.

    This 3 x 4 inch sticker is printed on vinyl and has a glossy UV coating to help protect the art from the elements. Proudly display this sticker on your items, gift it to the friend, or slap it up in public for all to see!

    Purchase Multiple Stickers to Spread the Message and Donate More!

      Please note that the color of your physical item will vary slightly from how it appears on the computer monitor/mobile screen.


        Radical Hearts Loves Our Community

        Purchase of this item includes a donation to the Philadelphia Coalition for Racial Economic and Legal Justice (REAL). This grassroots organization takes direct action to actualize the ideals represented in this art.

        Learn more about their work on the Philly for REAL Justice Facebook Page.