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    Share your Radical Hearts story!

    I've had so many inspiring and insightful conversations with people who I've met through Radical Hearts over the years... Radical Hearts has always been about more than just art, it's about our human connections, utilizing our voices and so much more! I'd love to build a gallery featuring people from the Radical Hearts community, and if you're here - I'm sure that your story will be a wonderful addition to the collection!

    Please use the form below to share your unique Radical Hearts experience through words and images. There are a few prompts below to help guide you, but anything you want to share is greatly appreciated! You can also return to this form to add more reflections whenever you want.

    Thank you for your continued support! Your contribution here will be a huge help, as I strive to affirm Radical Hearts' impact and reach more people with this powerful work.

    In love and solidarity,