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Help Radical Hearts Prep for our Biggest Holiday Season Yet!

Help Radical Hearts Prep for our Biggest Holiday Season Yet!


At Radical Hearts, we’re on a mission to ignite and nurture the activist spirit in us all.

This holiday season, we have an amazing opportunity to participate in the largest festive shopping destination in the Philadelphia region and share our work with an entirely new audience - but we need your help!

We've launched this crowdfunding campaign to raise $9,800. Can you contribute today to help us reach our goal?

As you may know, building a business requires extensive resources and capital, yet there are many barriers for small business owners - especially for women, people of color, and other marginalized groups - that stop us from reaching our full potential.

Because of this, I'm seeking generous monetary gifts and loans from my network to help make the upfront investments necessary for Radical Hearts' busiest holiday season yet. This investment will ensure the business is well positioned for continued growth in the new year!

Money from this campaign will be used to fund inventory, purchase production equipment, and outfit my pop-up retail booth at a 6-week long holiday market. We will:

  • Share a booth with fellow queer maker Robin Markle of Flaming Idols at the popular Made in Philadelphia Holiday Market, which runs alongside the Christmas Village in the heart of Center City.
  • Expand our presence in retail stores by launching a wholesale account on Faire, an online marketplace that connects independent shops with unique product-based businesses.
  •  Focus on creating new designs to add to our growing collection!

More information about our budget and projected earnings are available below in the FAQ section.

Contribute Today!

Any amount helps Radical Hearts secure the resources needed for a lucrative holiday season. We're asking folks to contribute $25 or more to help make our small business dreams a reality. If you're in a position to contribute more, please consider providing a small loan of $500 or more. More information about setting up a lending arrangement is below in the FAQ.

Please select the money transfer tool below that's best for you and follow the app's steps to donate towards Radical Hearts' future now.

TAX NOTE These funds are going to me, Loretta as an individual, not to Radical Hearts Print Lab LLC. According to the IRS, any contribution under $16,000 to a person is considered a gift and does not need to be reported by either party for tax purposes.

Fundraising Progress


27.0% Funded
$2,643 Raised
21 Rad Sponsors

Last Updated: 11:00am on November 3, 2022

Thank you!

I believe deeply in this work and am grateful that I’m able to share it with others. Community and collective care are core to Radical Hearts and essential to a more just future for us all. Without ongoing support from folks like you, none of this would be possible. Thank you for believing in me, Radical Hearts and a better future we all deserve.

Much love and appreciation!


FAQ and Other Rad Details

For those who may be in the position to make a small personal loan of $500 or more, I'm confident in Radical Hearts' ability to repay investments within a reasonable amount of time.

Please contact me directly at loretta@radicalheartsprintlab.com so that we can discuss arrangements and set up a repayment plan; and you can use your preferred money transfer tool above. Thanks!

Thanks for asking! In addition to getting a head start on the gift giving season by shopping our current offerings now, here are three ways you can support Radical Hearts' mission:

  • Buy a Gift Card! Purchase a gift card here and use it whenever you're ready!
  • Amplify Radical Hearts! Join the Loyalty Program here and share your referral link with your friends. They get to save $5 off their first purchase, and you earn $5 in store credit every time someone uses your link! Winning for us all.
  • Recruit Supporters! Share this campaign with people in your network and ask them to support a business you believe in. Copy and share this link now: radhearts.co/crowdfund

My name is Loretta, and I’m the creator of Radical Hearts Print Lab, a bold arts and gifts brand rooted in social justice and communal care. As a self-taught graphic designer, maker and activist, I produce a range of colorful items from my home studio – with lots of help from my wonderful mom, Hope!

Even though Radical Hearts began as a hobby in 2015, it wasn’t until the Uprisings of Summer 2020 that I realized that Radical Hearts’ purpose reaches much further than me. Through art and conversation, Radical Hearts provides a much-needed affirming and comforting service to others during such a tumultuous time of unrest.

Since committing to grow Radical Hearts full-time, I’ve been gaining organizational and management skills, expanding my network, refining business plans, and building a stable foundation upon which Radical Hearts can truly blossom. I know Radical Hearts is meant to have an uplifting and meaningful impact in this world.

You can read more about my story on the about page here.

Radical Hearts consistently generates revenue through product sales in three main areas: e-commerce, in-person events and wholesale. In fact, we exceeded 2021's sales revenue within the first 6 months of this year alone! Thus far, I've been able to build Radical Hearts through patient bootstrapping but I know the business needs additional access to capital to truly take off!

Overview of Budgeted Expenses

Expense Projected Cost
Raw Materials for Products $6,100
Production Equipment $600
Vending Fee*
Booth Build + Sales Equipment $1,300
TOTAL $9,800

*We're seeking support with a quarter of the total booth fee due of $7,000

The raw materials and equipment detailed here are projected to generate nearly $30,000 in product sales revenue. This is based on current pricing and a blend of retail and wholesale orders. Below is a breakdown of the projected sales for Radical Hearts’ 5 most popular product types based on the previous year’s performance.

Potential Return on Investments

Product Type Quantity Revenue
Greeting Cards 3,000 $14,850
15 oz Mugs 200 $3,300
5x7 Wall Art Prints 500 $4,950
8x10 Wall Art Prints 300 $4,455
13x19 Wall Art Prints 75 $1,856
TOTAL 4,075 $29,411

I’ve chosen to manage this fundraiser myself for a few reasons:

  • Radical Hearts is on a tight time frame and many platforms hold funds in limbo before passing them to the person running the campaign. I’m fortunate enough to be connected to some really great caring people – that’s you! – and I’m hopeful that we can quickly generate the funds that Radical Hearts needs.
  • Platforms come with service and payment processing fees. What if we can raise this money without giving corporations a chunk of our coin!?
  • These funds are primarily being used for raw materials. I want the opportunity to repay supporters once the products are sold rather than worry about offering and fulfilling incentives – which is common practice on many crowdfunding platforms.
  • There are additional tax implications for the recipient when using a crowdfunding campaign that are not present when we are working 1:1 like this.
  • Oct 1: Purchase round 1 of production and booth materials. Start booth build and producing products for inventory.
  • Oct 15: Contribute $500 in fees due to event host.
  • Oct 31: Purchase remaining supplies for production.
  • Nov 19: Made in Philadelphia Market Opens and runs daily through Jan 1, 2023!
  • Dec 15: Contribute $2,750 (my remaining portion of the total booth fee of $7,000) due to event host.

Great question! In the beautiful bountiful chance that I raise more than $7,800, money will go towards covering life expenses, paying the rest of the vending fee, and compensating my mom, Hope Jones-Gary, for all the production help she does! And if we really hit it out of the park, Radical Hearts could use a new computer and photo printer!

Get out of here with that limiting scarcity mindset! 🙃 I know the resources that Radical Hearts needs are within reach. If this fundraiser looks like it won’t hit our goal by mid-October, I’ll explore other options, like small business loans or credit.

But every bit helps! So if we even get close to the goal, I may just need to take the chance on stocking up on less materials and tweaking our retail booth design until I can sell more products to purchase the rest.

My vision for Radical Hearts includes collaborating with other badass community leaders and service providers to transition the business into a vibrant nourishing resource hub filled with art, thoughtful conversations, engaging workshops, communal care and more. But first, I need to gain more resources to help make it all happen!

Select a Method to Contribute

Stay Involved in This Campaign!

I’d love to let you know how this campaign is going! Please share your email so I can keep you up-to-date with our progress. I can’t wait to celebrate with you when we reach our goal!

Please e-mail me at loretta@radicalheartsprintlab.com with any questions or comments. Thanks!